Peak Into The Hallucination That Is Reality

This is just an imagination of your figment, it's RadioSurreal! This is an altered-ego of GoodVibes and provides those expanding their consciousness with a choice in enterbrainment. This is the home of Original and Classic Music, Cult Classic TV, Radio, Movies, and Brain Enhancement through entrainment. This can do anything from increase creativity, take a High or Peak to a new level, put you to sleep or just provide a mental roller-coaster canvas for you to compile your own sur-reality! Then you too can Peak into the Hallucination that is Reality!

Log-on Info and Links:

Click Here for an Audiophile Connection (192 kbps Stereo stream)

Click Here for a Broadband Connection (96 kbps Stereo stream)


Click Here for a Dial-Up Connection (40 kbps Stereo Stream)

Click here:

To set up a lower-band feed (mono so use forced stereo)

For Special Events you want handled by RadioSurreal Click here (192 kbps Stereo Stream)

note: these will be by demand only and all events must be scheduled in advance

RadioSurreal is happy to promote and play original music. If you are a member of a band, their promoter or manager please send in all original stuff in MP3 (mail ) if too large to e-mail contact us and we will get it worked out. If not a member or specifically working for a band please do not send anything original in without signed permission from the band members. As a musician I do not want to take part in someone's ideas being taken before they get public credit for the hours, days, weeks and even years of hard work.